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  1. Well to tell you the truth there’s nothing to be excited about the tough years. Wenger, for the first time in 17yrs, can spend freely. Without him the money would mean nothing. You always need the right man at the helm to lead the team. Speaking 5 languages comes in handy. He’s able to communicate precisely and get the best out of foreign players, more so than any other coach including SAF in my opinion. Jan might be too late for United. We will also strengthen the squad

  2. Exactly what I mean . I have patience , and have enjoyed so much success over the years , so I am excited rather than worried and will support my team threw potentially, a hard couple of years . The same way you have with your club .
    As for Mr Wenger , he IS , Arsenal to me , he created some of the most terrifying and entertaining teams in Premier League history . Sir Alex and Wenger battles , treated us to unforgettable seasons that we both loved and hated .
    January transfers will be crucial .

  3. United are going through what Arsenal have been though for the past 8 yrs. Transition is tough to deal with but fans need to be patient as major change doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve had to deal with opposition fans reminding us of the trophyless run, but things are only starting to look up now. I’ve always been a massive Wenger fan and 100% back him, even when half our fans wanted him gone. Ozil was a message of intent. Now more players will want to join our club. It’s a snowball effect

  4. Strangely, I kind of agree with everything your saying .
    United have a new manager for the first time in 26 years and we might be slightly unstable on the pitch at the moment , but not as unstable as City and Chelsea are off the pitch .
    Who are Spurs ? lol

  5. Been building a stadium which almost increases matchday revenue nearly 2 fold! Why? Because it allows Arsenal to be in a financially strong position as we are now. Without it we’d still be only spending max 15M on players. You can’t compete with new big spenders in the game with only 15M max per player. A recent report has listed Arsenal as the top club in Europe in terms of fixed assets and NO DEBT! RM, Barca, Man Utd, Liverpool are teams that have massive debts over their heads! Get it now?

  6. For the last 2-3 seasons we’ve always started off badly due to selling our top players and needing time for new players to settle. This season we’ve been on a good run since March. In fact, if you research which EPL team has accumulated the most points thus far in the “2013 calender year”, it’s Arsenal. We are the most settled team in the league with the minimal player purchases and Wenger has stayed. Man Utd are unstable like City and Chelsea. Forget Spurs, they always choke!

  7. The team is playing with confidence and belief, something united really lack this season. Ozil’s acquisition not only added to this belief but Arsenal had already been playing better football than any EPL team so far this calender year. Check the online stats. We’ve only lost one game since March. We’ll keep on spending. Ozil will attract big players and we now have the cash to compete with any team in Europe. Tough times for United, good times for Arsenal!

  8. Oh lord. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. United is going through transition. Not just the manager but the whole coaching staff has been replaced. It will take more than 3 months to adjust to. And I’m sure United will be trophy-less for a good 2-3 seasons. But United’s trophy drought won’t be as long as Arsenal’s. LOL. Oh and speaking of Arsenal rising…what makes you so confident? You talk as if this season they’ll win something. You still have Jose’s Chelsea and a strong Man City

  9. Exactly you just proved my point. Arsenal had to sacrifice trophies to build a stable future. We are the number 1 club in Europe in terms of fixed assets. Check the report online. Commercially Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern and Man Utd still earn the most but Arsenal is catching quickly. We’ve moved from 6th richest club to 4th richest now. Fabregas always wanted to go back to Barca as it’s his boyhood club. RVP is now rueing his move to United. Arsenal are on the way up! Utd are sinking!

  10. Have you seen how much profit the biggest team in the world makes every year ? Most of Europe’s big clubs are in big debt that’s just the way it is . I thought Cesc and RVP left arsenal because you where not winning any trophies , not because of money .

  11. Thanks for admitting we’ve always played attractive football. We’re not boring to watch regardless of the result. We win with style. The trophy drought will end. The whole league can see Arsenal’s rise and Utd’s fall. Financially and footballing wise, we’re one of Europe’s strongest teams. Selling our best players to pay off amortised stadium debts is behind us now. We will only continue to buy world class. Ozil is just the beginning. You know it and I know it. Lets not debate the obvious!

  12. It felt like a draw and one point gained , to be honest . You don’t get extra points for good goals , remember that !
    Arsenal have been playing fancy football for years and won NOTHING . Your team scoring a good goal is great , but I prefer actually winning something at the end of the season .
    8 YEARS , 4 MONTHS AND 28 DAYS, to be exact .
    This ain’t United its the arsenal !

  13. Is that all you got? How does the southampton setback feel? Get used to it. There are more games like this to come your way. Now go and watch the Arsenal highlights and see the “best team goal of the year!” Now that is football! None of this headless chook stuff like Utd. Watch and learn how our midfield will destroy any team in the league! I can’t wait to play Utd just to smash you guys out of the park! This ain’t Old Trafford! THIS IS ARSENAL!

  14. So if your team was to sign Rooney in January , you would probably get a hair transplant OR you could buy a poster of the Champions League ? You know that cup you cant seem to win ?

  15. Listen to yourself , Arsenal have been shit for nearly ten years and have never won a European Cup . It was not that long ago when United raped your club 8 – 2 , OR does your memory only stretch back to the start of this season .

  16. Utd now a mid-table team! Another dismal performance at old Trafford. Man Utd are now the comedy team of the league! Old Trafford is crumbling! Well done Southampton! Lets hear all the excuses tomorrow! Mind the gap! Go Go the Gunners!

  17. RVP is a world class player, but he’s also a cunt.

    He spent most of his Arsenal career injured and they continued to pay his wages and gave him a chance. Then when he finally manages to stay fit for an entire season he leaves at the first opportunity.

    If United struggle this year and even miss out on the top 4, you know that RVP is gone.

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