Arsene Wenger believes he made the right decision in selling Van Persie to Manchester United as the Dutch striker was ‘’impatient’’ on winning trophies and achieving the kind of glory that would have been much harder if he stayed in Arsenal.

The coach of Arsenal spoke to the media prior to their upcoming match against Manchester United.

“Of course it’s strange because for me he is an Arsenal man,” the Frenchman said.

“We have gone together through very difficult periods and he became a world-class player and for me he is an Arsenal player.” He is confident that his loyalties will always draw him to his former club and maybe even play again with the Arsenal jersey.

“It was more the fact that I had the conversations I had with Robin van Persie that convinced me, it is not the talk with Alex Ferguson that convinced me to sell Robin van Persie to Man United.

Also stating that it’s hard to see Van Persie playing in a rival club which they have to face off on Sunday and history not going in favor of Arsenal as they have not won at Old Trafford since 2006 and a defeat might see them lose the top position of the Premier League so it will be a very important fixture.

“We had periods where we did very well at Old Trafford but recently we have not done so well and this is a good opportunity to show we have improved. We can win there and that is our target.”

If Manchester United wants to defend their Premier League title, this will be the match that sets the tone for the rest of the season while Arsenal has to keep going with their positive run.

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