24 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie All 30 Goals For Manchester United 2012/2013

  1. It was his wife u idiots she was tryna rinse him for cash that’s all an he is the ultimate player for MUFC what a striker love all his goals! Legend

  2. RVP was once arested for rape but was later released because there wasn’t enough evedence.

  3. (continuing) team. suarez on the other hand, has also bin bought from the eredivisie but by liverpool which i geuss we all agree is a big club in the bpl. he has played good but also has made some big mistakes and isn’t even close to being as good as rvp. suarez is younger and could become a greater player but i doubt it. if seen him playing in the eredivisie (since im dutch) and he still has the exact same play style as when he played for ajax. he hasn’t changed tho you should in the bpl

  4. i’m from the netherlands and i heard that RVP has said that he would like to be active as player for like 5 seasons so that means he has a lot of motvation which than means he wont be use less. there are a lot of players that have proven that being older than 32 or something like that isn’t a problem. it took so long for van persie to raise his name because he never played for the big clubs. now he shows us that just 1 season is enough for him to become champions with a great.

  5. i understand what you’re trying to say, but RVP has at least 2 good seasons left in him. And suarez is eventually gonna overtake him.

  6. …and he’s only had 1 good season in the premier league. I cant believe the scousers claiming he’s one of the best in the world based on 1 good season. Haha

  7. Haha, I’m actually very much enjoying proving you wrong.

    RVP has 67 goals in the last 2 season, Rooney has 50 goals in and Aguero has 47 goals, same as Suarez except Aguero has also been consistent in La Liga, which is a lot better than the eredivisie.

    All these players have been more consistent in tougher leagues.

    I’ll say this again:

    Suarez has had 1 good season in the premier league. Quite Simple really

    Cant really argue with the facts.

    1 good season…

  8. Suarez has not been in the Premier League as long as RVP and he is already better than him. RVP took this long to make his name rise? With Suarez it took less time.

    Therefore, your argument is invalid, but I respect your opinion even though it doesn’t mean anything since RVP will be useless in like 1 year…if not less.

    Says a lot about a Manc when they have to copy other peoples endings. But please, entertain me more with your stupidity. You’re so cute when you’re mad awwwwwwwwwwww!

  9. Well they’re two different playing styles, Manchester United are a very counter attacking team, and use VanPersie as a prolific striker who is a pure goal scoring machine, with some assists as well. Liverpool on the other hand are a more “build up the play” team or well known as “ticki tacka” style. In which Suarez is every where in the front with more dribbles and creating opportunities by drawing players in his direction, as opposed to VanPersie the lone striker.both different playing styles:)

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