26 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie Interview after red card barcelona-arsenal

  1. @soulen675 So grabbing somebody’s throat shows no intent and is only a yellow card but tapping somebody on the face merits a red? Are you fucking stupid?
    And I’m sure Abidal pulling Drogba’s shirt and tripping him when he was through on goal was pretty clear too.

  2. @xKiERoN well, abidal should have had a yellow, seeing as he wasn’t strangling him just holding his hand there.

    The clearest penalty was the henry one, while the only clear cut penalty for chelsea was piques handball, bus as I showed you, in the 4th minute of the same game ballack did a just as obvious handball..

  3. @soulen675 Yes it does, and what about Abidal strangling Van Persie? The reason why he was angry and touched Alves.
    It’s a penalty, but it isn’t clear cut. All of the Chelsea penalties were painfully obvious.

  4. @xKiERoN It doesn’t really have to be violent, just as long as there is intent, which there obviously was this time, you can get a red card.

    We shouldn’t have had 2 penalties, you say? Well what about this 2 then watch?v=maHACQZvAZs and watch?v=xIJ3RtouV4s

    If pique’s is a handball, then ballacks is aswell..

  5. @soulen675 There will always be yellow cards missed and the Alves tiny slap was never a red, it has to be violent conduct, a child wouldn’t roll around like that pussy Alves did.
    Don’t say you should of had 2 penalties when it isn’t true and yes Abidal’s red was harsh but he should have already been off when he pulled Drogba’s shirt and then tripped him in the box when he was through on goal.

  6. @xKiERoN You do know that this watch?v=C71KbMqOgb0 is a yellow card which he didn’t get, and that punch he gave alves was a red, no matter how hard he hit him seeing as his intentions were clear as a day and it was not to win the ball back…

    Against chelsea? You mean when barca didn’t get 2 penalties before any of che penalties or abidal was wrongly sent off? If barca would have got those penalties, the game would ahve turned out different, and most likely che penalties would never had happend

  7. there’s many things i could say about that sending of that night but robin hit the nail on the head there in saying its a total joke !. that ref was a complete wanker. rember at the end of the game arsene walkin up & calmly asking a question to that ref (prob about the sending of) & the ref looked like he was having a real go at wenger rember thinking at the time WTF you were in the wrong & now your having a go at are manager just for politely asking you a question !. that ref is a cunt end of.

  8. @soulen675 Van Persie should have been off at half time? You do realise that Abidal clutched Van Persie’s throat and that was why he was fuming and slightly slapped Alves, who once again dived like a pussy. And after the Chelsea game, you can’t comment on you being unlucky for penalties.

  9. If anyone’s interested in seeing a video that shows how Barcelona truly play (like dickheads) then I got one right here on my page. Check it out if you have minute.

  10. @azabee1 You mean when abidal got sent off when anelka tripped himself or the 2 penalties that barca should have had before essien scored? Against arsenal, you mean when messi got a goal wrongly disallowed and barca didn’t get like 3 penalties waaaaaaay before van pussy was sent off? And you do know what van pussy should have been sent off in the first half, right?

  11. @soulen675 man fuck u barca won two trophys with two dodgy wins on the way – here with avn persie and versus chelsea – barca are best team but they won trophies unfairly so suck a pig penis between your gap teeth u slag

  12. I totally agree, its a total joke that van pussie was still on the pitch when the first half ended. Another joke was the penalty messi should have won before that, when the referee was like 3 meter away from him and messis wrongly disallowed goal at the emirates stadium.

  13. That so called ref is now head of referees at fifa, another corrupt man from switzerland up high.

  14. Seriously a Total JOKE. Arsneal deserved much MUCH better. i love how arsneal played and never gave up. The Ref Was Wearing A Barcelona Shirt Underneath His Kit. I’m A TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS fan to fuk the ref!

  15. we played the second half of first leg superbly.was looking forward to the same in the 2nd leg but the ref ruined it.i hate refs supporting barca

  16. @badturkali They beat our injury plagued team where half the starters weren’t even on. Good job. Barcelona get weak late game because of all the running around and passing they do, Wenger knows this, that’s why his team comes back late game every single time.


  18. @badturkali This game was late in the season. Arsenal beat them 2:1 in the first game meaning that somebody CAN beat Barcelona.
    And you will never know what would’ve happened if Van persie never got the card.

  19. @Nicsienieda06 yeah, what difference is that gonna make. barcelona were still gonna come back, they beat arsenal the season before this game 4-1 at nou camp, messi scored all four goals. nobody can beat barcelona, even if they have less men

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