26 thoughts on “Arsenal – Van Persie & Nasri 10/11

  1. @DonMishima United arent a kick em off the pitch team. They are a get into the box and fall for a penalty team. With the refs in their pockets like they are every season, its as if Rooney just has to look at them to get a penalty called in their favor.

  2. Your editing ruined almost every goal that was shown. Less is more buddy, this is a perfect example of how trying to do something better just made it worse.

  3. Both (with Wilshere) have been the lights in a dark season. Nasri showed amazing skillful moments before christmass and Van Persie was a keepers’ nightmare with his fluent finishing flow in 2011. It’s a shame both weren’t able to hold a cup this year, but as every Gunner does, I keep hoping their and our dream will be fulfilled very soon.
    … What is a magician gonna do in a butt-ugly kick-em-off-the-pitch team, like United, anyway? Nasri, stay to become a legend! What it’s all about!

  4. @LockonKun I think Nasri’s injury cut off his form just when Van Persie came back from his injury. Perfect timing by Van Persie!

  5. Nasri: I cant take it anymore i’m losing it….. *reaches out hand*

    Van Persie: *tag* I got this

  6. Fab video n nasri was fab this season but the 2 that stepped up were Wilshere n RVP. Nasri lost his head after Bham

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