26 thoughts on “Arsenal – Van Persie & Nasri 10/11

  1. Does anyone else get a tingling feeling every time they see that RVP goal against Barcelona?

  2. @DonMishima United arent a kick em off the pitch team. They are a get into the box and fall for a penalty team. With the refs in their pockets like they are every season, its as if Rooney just has to look at them to get a penalty called in their favor.

  3. Your editing ruined almost every goal that was shown. Less is more buddy, this is a perfect example of how trying to do something better just made it worse.

  4. Both (with Wilshere) have been the lights in a dark season. Nasri showed amazing skillful moments before christmass and Van Persie was a keepers’ nightmare with his fluent finishing flow in 2011. It’s a shame both weren’t able to hold a cup this year, but as every Gunner does, I keep hoping their and our dream will be fulfilled very soon.
    … What is a magician gonna do in a butt-ugly kick-em-off-the-pitch team, like United, anyway? Nasri, stay to become a legend! What it’s all about!

  5. @LockonKun I think Nasri’s injury cut off his form just when Van Persie came back from his injury. Perfect timing by Van Persie!

  6. From Ashes we rose to conquer the world. Mark my word, the 2011/2012 season is ours. GUNNERS.

  7. Nasri: I cant take it anymore i’m losing it….. *reaches out hand*

    Van Persie: *tag* I got this

  8. Fab video n nasri was fab this season but the 2 that stepped up were Wilshere n RVP. Nasri lost his head after Bham

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