31 thoughts on “Van Persie’s red card in Arsenal’s UCL Loss to Barcelona

  1. @MultiplicationX they wont have won in 2009 aswell as ref crap against chelsea. that ref was fuckin terrible.

  2. sad im a barca fan and even i can say that the refugee is on our side in every game in cl sad to see ..

  3. Barcelona may have never even won the Champions League 2011… Arsenal were robbed once again.

  4. If you guys watch at a side angle rather than a broadcasting position, turns out Van Persie wan’t actually offside. Just saying.

  5. Futebol Arte com os melhores do mundo

  6. This poor excuse for a ref Massimo Bussaca has just been made FIFA Head of Referees by Sepp Blatter,sad to see corruption being rewarded.

  7. @gurkenhead How can I have lost the argument when half way through he starts talking about you lool

  8. @gurkenhead Look mr “i’ve never been to shit hole old trafford in my life and supported man u for 5 minutes.” I was debating with u cause u were meant to be a gooner, now that I know your just a plastic manc I can’t even take you seriously.

  9. @ghostwhisper666 Changed your tone towards Dicko now haven’t you? Clearly lost that argument. Unlike you I can appreciate good footballing teams. Barca are incredible. I just got involved because I thought you were a clueless twat. 🙂

  10. @gurkenhead So your telling me you chose to support Man U last year lmao wtf are you talking about.

  11. @dicko2704 I’m have a go at Gurken because I know the type of mugs that support man u I see every day lol and to be honest he comes across as quite nosy, he prob has a beef with Barca cos man u got given a football lesson at wembly by the hands of Messi and co.

  12. @ghostwhisper666 Glory hunter, is someone who hunts glory, if chelsea are the best team at time I would support them. I’m from Runcorn, look it up, cunt.

  13. @ghostwhisper666 Really it was Koscielny that cocked up. Yes I’m sick of the excuses, no excuses for the Carling Cup. Barca game however, excuses are acceptable. That and the fact they are probably the team ever. On a slightly different subject, you’re having a go at Gurken for supporting a team that wins things, yet at the same time, you’re laughing at me because Arsenal haven’t won anything. Sort it out.

  14. @gurkenhead Notice how you still haven’t told me where your from lol mug course your a glory hunter chelsea 3 leagues, man u 19 leagues. Chelsea 0 CL, Man U 3 CL, can you see the difference.

  15. @dicko2704 Ifs and buts, it’s not good enough, true arsenal fans are sick of the excuses! I mean if your keeper didn’t mess up in that Birmingham game you may have won the Carling Cup if it went to penalties.

  16. @ghostwhisper666 HAHAHAHA you clueless twat. Absolutely fucking clueless. If I was a glory hunter, I would have been a Chelsea supporter last year seeing as they were champions. Learn the definition of terms before spraying them around in jealousy because my club is about 1000 light years ahead of yours. Enjoy your dump of a stadium and languishing outside the top 4. Absolute idiot.

  17. @gurkenhead Why the fuck am I talking to a manc, you prob live in London or Newcastle lmao, jog on you glory hunter.

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