25 thoughts on “van Persie – Arsenal Captain

  1. @KingOfSchadenfreude
    Wtf has the 8-2 score got to do with the Arsenals failure on winning a trophy?

  2. @KingOfSchadenfreude 2-1 vs crystal palace
    2-1 vs basel
    Out of champions league and carling cup 🙁

  3. @KingOfSchadenfreude At least we don’t allow a small team like man city score 6 goals infront of our fans haha.

  4. @KingOfSchadenfreude
    stfu, there is a reason why i got top comment after replying to that guy who said the same thing…

  5. @sixpac20032010
    For some weird reason your comment has made me feel weird XD But the things you have said is true!

  6. MultiplicationX Vanpersie is the worldsbest striker period’ Why??? The goal against Birmingham carling cup’ 2 the volley against charlton’ 3 The goal against Inter milan! Know other player has the Athleticism’ Class’ Technical abillty’ To score those goals! He’s like a vintage wine can only get better!!! But Also he has matured as a player!

  7. omg the 8 2 is getting annyoing im a united fan but plz just shut the fuck up omg us fans cant talk untill we go through the premiere league unbeaten

  8. @ravingdave900
    I think he is an awesome striker, and he has served us well for the time he has been at the club! Plus he is very loyal to the club!

  9. @ravingdave900 he is past his prime now anyway and has lost some of his dribbling skills and pace. all of the injuries take their toll.

  10. van persie is not one of the worlds best ‘strikers’. his positioning is more of a 2nd striker and so he doesnt get into the right position to meet crosses in the box. he is very poor in the air and needs the ball to feet, he is also not the most agile player he needs time and space to take shots. so overall I feel that we (arsenal) have overrated him a little and need another striker like when we had adebayor to add more goals.

  11. RVP is true gunner he deserves to be captain and i see ur first trophy real soon…good video

  12. @Xhoi23 forget it, you dont get the point of this video… why the hell are you searching for van persie on youtube then? wow your smart…

  13. @MultiplicationX i don’t think this is a place where you can share your thoughts about van persie,this is youtube and you can see videos,i let my comment what i thinked about vid so next spend more minutes coz i have seen each of his goals and i don’t want to see them again

  14. @Xhoi23
    dude, i did not upload this because i thought it was good, i just wanted to remind you guys of all his great moments at arsenal and what he has done for the club, I only spent like 10 minutes on this cause i wanted this up as soon as possible… it would have been nice to see your thoughts on van persie other than an attack on the video…

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