Van Persie Announced Intentions TO Play In 2018 World Cup

Van Persie Announced Intentions TO Play In 2018 World Cup

Netherlands sealed the 3rd spot of the 2014 World Cup and Manchester United’s Robin van Persie played a huge role in that task as he scored 4 goals in the tournament. Van Persie captained his country to what was a fairly impressive and successful event.

When the latest edition of the World Cup reached its end, the player of Manchester United went on revealing some of his plans in the future as the Dutch forward stated that he wants to compete in the 2018 World Cup and playing until he’s 40 years old.

Van Persie told reporters: ”I will be 35 then and I will do everything to be there. I live quietly, this saves a few years. My goal is to play at the highest level for as long as possible and being available for the national team is a part of that. I am 31 now and I have a little less than nine years to go. I won’t be playing for a major club at the age of 40, although I do still want to be playing professional football at that age. That’s my goal.”

The former star of Arsenal currently has a contract with Manchester United which runs up until 2016 and it’s not expected that the Premier League club would be extending his contract any further as the team is trying to avoid keeping hold of senior players and want to keep rejuvenating the squad.

One of the decisions that Van Persie could do in a few years’ time is to make a move to the MLS and continue playing at a high level which is what he said that one of his main goals was and if he can remain scoring goals as well as making standout performances, his chances of being named into the Netherlands squad for the 2018 World Cup could be alive.

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