14 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie – Top 20 Goals

  1. #3 What a goal against Blackburn, Jesus…
    Robin van Persie is the man you need to keep pushing for the title this season, and the next seasons.

    Man, the video could have been a bit better in HQ in my opinion (not in HD) but still a good job though 🙂

  2. @runijohnson44
    I’ll hold my hands up if i make a mistake mate, then i can improve my future vids 😀

  3. @AS37Gooner I disagree with JUNAID187. I think you used an adequate amount of effects. I didn’t notice anything excessive, which means that there wasn’t. Usually, when someone uses too many effects, you notice it right away because the whole video becomes unclear. This was well done imo.

  4. @JUNAID187
    I can see where your coming from, but some of the clips needed them because they were such bad quality:/

  5. nice vid , everything is fine , i just think you should have rated free kick vs fulham better ! it should have been on 5 place or even 4 !

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