25 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie – I’m Not Superhuman (2010/11)

  1. @cwdcomps
    Aha, sorry mate, didnt see that, are you planning any new videos at the moment? or too busy with the website?

  2. Who like me, momentarily began frantic clicking on the volume thinking their speakers were muted or fucked???

  3. @AS37Gooner Jeeeeez. Look at my comment I had deliberately thumbed up so I didn’t have to answer this 100 times! 😛

  4. The download link’s in the description.

    If everyone thumbs this comment up then people can get the video with audio on their pc’s. Also means a lot of people will steal my video so you guys better appreciate it!

  5. coud you please make another upload of this video ??, the song really makes the difference :D. Saludos

  6. WTF With the audio thing! this was the best background music i found on V.persie n now they’re fking around with copyrights! damn!

  7. arsenal needs to start playing with 2 strikers.i feel so sorry for rvp fighting with players like samba and king just to get the ball but on the other hand if they started playing with chamakh or park along side rvp he could drop back as a ss where i think he would play even better

  8. Depois dizem que messi não é chorão kkkkkkkkkkk essa eu ri de mais Van Persie só deu hm encostão.

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