16 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie – Arsenal – 2010/11 – HD

  1. fantastic video. Gotta love Van Persie. He’s such an exciting player when he’s fit.

    Lets hope he can keep fit and hopefully we can completely see what he’s capable of. Somehow, I feel he can do even more than he’s done this past season 🙂

    Excellent video again mate 🙂

  2. @17GingerNinja If you mean Sony Vegas, then I add a video track over the video and just add text. Then I change the transparency a little so it doesn’t block out much of the video.

  3. cracking vid (even tho i am a spurs fan 😉 but how did u get ur name top pleft corner? 🙂

  4. @37arsenal I know. Some of my videos are short now. I prefer making short compilations to be honest. Plus my Sony Vegas is pathetic and can’t handle long videos. Hope you don’t mind too much, so expect more short videos like this, but I will make some longer ones. (:

  5. @AFCxSKiiLZx Exactly, hes got everything, skills, powerful shot, a great passing range, he can play in midfield, and also people dont relise how fast he is, he WILL win the golden boot if hes fit, no compatition. Btw, vid could of been a bit longer?? :/

  6. @37arsenal If he’s fit for almost all the season, no doubt he’ll win the golden boot surely? He wasn’t far off this season when he played probably about half the games the other contenders did!

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