Robin Van Persie accepts not Delivering as Expected

Robin Van Persie accepts not Delivering as Expected

Robin Van Persie knows that he has not been delivering as much as he should in the 2014-15 Season, but, he refuses to blame himself only for the deterioration that has come in Manchester United’s game recently.

United has lost two out of their last three games and they have now been overtaken by Southampton FC in the league points table.

And, it’s not only the story of the league. In the other competitions as well in which they are taking part, they are putting on ordinary displays of Football.

The worry for United is that they are not looking threatening enough as an attacking unit. Their midfield is doing a decent job, but, the opportunities that are made are not getting latched on to.

Van Persie himself has been the culprit of letting quite a few chances go by. If he had been alert there in the attacking line the other day versus Cambridge United, the Red Devils would have emerged winners.

When asked about his personal form in an interview lately, Van Persie said, “Look, when you don’t get enough points, the responsibility falls on everyone. Of course, my form is not very good at the moment and I never shy away from admitting that. I am working as hard as I can to make sure I play better, but, you win matches only when the whole team is playing well.”

“You must make goals in this game. That is the most important thing. Unfortunately, right now, we are not being able to pierce the defensive lines of the opposition sides on a consistent basis, but, you would have seen that the chances come for us every game and if we get just a little bit more consistent with our finishing, we would be amongst the goals again.”

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