25 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie 2012 – Goals & Skills – “The Arsenalist”

  1. This guy is already a Legend for me. If he stays with Arsenal after this season he will be a true hero. However I would feel horrible if he didn’t at least win a League title or the CL before his retirement because he stayed with Arsenal. The guy is great, hope he helps the Netherlands to Euro glory.

  2. Robing Van Persie loves hes team – Arsenla, he will never go to other club, but stay and help. 🙂

  3. VAN PERSIE IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!! HE’S GONNA BE SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD IN FIFA 13!!!!!!!! haahahahaha. btw arsenal is da best.

  4. والله مبدع البيرسي مفروض يكون افضل لاعب بالعالم لا ميسي ولا كرستياو

  5. Two fucking losers who doesn’t know what football is,, shame on you!

  6. Thank you everyone for 10,000 views!
    Tell me if you want me to make more Van Persie videos or Arsenal videos.


  7. I can’t seem to understand why he can’t seem to rise to the same levels when plays for the dutch team. I feel somehow he has a bad taste and bad motivation when he plays for the dutch team.

  8. thanks so much for the video @How7Ard14
    keep up the great work 🙂

  9. You better hope he is, Arsenal, with some luck, could finally be a serious threat next season.

  10. i am a united fan, but i admit that van persie is world best striker right now.. and i hope that he’s not leaving arsenal!!

  11. look this video hasn’t got the 5th minute’s 26th second.it slightely moves from 25 to 27.

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