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  1. please dont talk rubish. About hes not the player he used to be! look how quick he got back on his form the goal and the way he played aginst Westham was spec hes brilliant! He also confirmed that no matter what happens he will stay in Arsenal. So what you saying about The dutchmen No.10 Robin Van Persie!

  2. Hey Francesco,

    Can you please remove this? You basically just took my video and CWD’s video and changed the music.

    Thank you, 🙂

  3. I’ve been hearing rumours that Juventus are interested in signing him, with Felipe Melo in part-exchange. Why would we want that? We’ve got Song, who, in my opinion, is better than Melo. Plus Van Persie is Arsenal through and through, and though isn’t the player he used to be, can still produce moments of magic whenever he’s on the pitch. Plus he’s a lot less injury-prone than he used to be.

    Superb video by the way, great upload 😀

  4. “KinMobby3tic” I have respect and love for all my gunners but from time insulting one of the players a gunner can’t sit back and agree to criticism to the Arsenal Team or any Arsenal individual player. Robin Van Persie Welcome back we’ve missed you time to get on the Arsenal ground work hard as you always do we love you and have no doubts in you may you stay blessed with your talent and a Gunner for life.

  5. Us much as we want him to be up the top with Drogba and Rooney etc. I’m sure he does as well and you can say nothing at all to that because you know such a talented player like him has to come back and get back on his feet and train day and night its hard and we rely on him. Also it isn’t certainly his fault he gets injured you go blame them un-talented players that don’t know how to tackle the ball off of him and dont get me wrong im not trying to to be rude seen as your Arsenal fan.

  6. You aint no gunner “KinMobby3tic”, because if you was you would understand why! Robin works so hard for the team end of the day if he is injured or not he puts on a Incredible performance and if your a gunner you would know that in other words he makes up for every bit of time. Your on youtube why dont you take some time out and look who has given us the goals against brilliant opponents and most of all you go to any gunner and ask who gave us hope they would tell you straight Robin Van Persie.

  7. I’m no longer a van persie fan no more, despite being a gunner…
    the injuries he’s had is almost disgusting… His talent is amazing, probs capable of reaching 30+ goal a season… honestly though what’s the point in holding on to him when 2/3 of the season he’s sitting out with his family injured…
    Not to be rude, but it feels like that.

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