23 thoughts on “Man Utd Agree £24m Deal For Robin Van Persie

  1. You think all players who leave Arsenal leave for money? Arsenal fans are so idiotic. Sure you’ve a right to be upset but since 2005 the players who have left Arsenal have went on to win 44 trophies compared to the 0 Arsenal have won. And Arsenal fans continue to claim all them are money grabbers. Pathetic.
    And you honestly think that Arsenal are better than Man United, shows how deluded Arsenal fans are when you’ve not won anything in 8 years and now better than most successful club in england

  2. rooney’s out for a while so this could be a make or break few weeks for him. mad e ahalf decent start with a goal today against fulham, but yeah – i’m not going to lie, this scenario actually seems quite likely to me

  3. he’ll be like michael owen for liverpool, does well for the club, leaves for scum gets injured and gets released a few years later haha

  4. The problem with United is your lack of depth. Your keeper isn’t as good as ours, Vidic is your only great centre-back, you have no decent right-back, and your central midfield is average (apart from Kagawa). United are stronger in left-back, the wings and up front, but that’s it.

    You have some world-class players, but your substitute and reserve players are pretty average. Arsenal have a very balanced squad, even with RVP and Song leaving.

  5. Better squad than United?


    Better than De Gea, Vidic, Scholes, Rooney, Berbatov, Welbeck, Nani, Valencia, Kagawa, Evra, Hernandez, and now Real Madrid have offered Kaka to Man United… yet… Arsenal’s Squad are better? Okay then.

  6. he could have just dropped his pride for a minute, apologised and moved on. Our squad would have been stronger than Utd’s in my opinion. Thanks for subbing man! More coming real soon!

  7. I wish van persie just thought for a moment that before he went he just started thinning our team is probably better than Uniteds. oh yeah nice videos I subbed.

  8. I like watching your vids & keep em coming but how the hell can you have faith in a manager that is about to go down in history as the arsenal manager with the longest running trophy drought? The man sells all our best players from way back with anelka, overmars & petit. He’s a pushover. If he was so against the policy of letting our best players go he would have resigned by now.. When below average players like walcott & song are wanting out you know we’re in trouble.

  9. cesc was a different story as you even mentioned, hometown club an all but this is completely different rvp questioned the ambition of the club. and they showed their colours by letting him go TO FUCKING MANURE our biggest rivals for the last 15 yrs! dont know what wenger ws smoking in that meetin with fergie but im staying away from that shit…im praying jack turns out to be another gerard and sticks with us, but loyalty only goes so far and as modern footballers go thats not very far at all

  10. i kind of think that we’d already made that statement by letting Cesc go. Different, but still the same statement. Jack leaving doesn’t even bare thinking about now. Don’t get me wrong, i think this is MADNESS, they’re saying he’ll play against Everton on Monday. Deleted the mercenary from the ol’ FIFA squad. Need Saturday to roll around so we can feel ok about where we’re at. Please JACK! NOOOOOO! He swore he wouldn’t, but what does that mean..

  11. keeping him would have made a statement to all the man city’s out there. we have just told the whole world that ANY of our players are sale even our best players and captains. and what does this say to the others players in the team regardless of what rvp said…..THATS WHY those catalan cunts keep snooping round trust me the flood gates are open, if we dont win nxt year walcott wont resign and as soon as our other up and an comers get good their gone too……yes even wilshere

  12. personally i’d rather not have anyone who doesn’t want to be at the club, even on the bench. we have to admit that we a basically a selling club. A smart selling club, but still a selling club.

  13. agree with a lot of what you say geez, fuking mancz!! but i blame wenger and the board more cos they let it happen, its the same every year, they’re more worried bout the dollar than trophies, we are 1 of the richest clubs in world with the most xpensive seats in the league we dont need the money (trust me wont get spent anyway they’l just balance the books) should of let him rot on the bench FUCK HIM you wudnt see this happen at any of the other big clubs. 2captains in 2years what the fuck! :s

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