22 thoughts on “Man United fans react to Robin Van Persie goal vs Arsenal 3.11.12

  1. UNI-TED, united are the team for me,
    with a nick nack paddy whack
    give the dog a bone,
    why dont city fuck off home?

  2. @Tem Coelho and @MrHubertTV:

    “UNI TED, United are the team for me, with a nick nack paddy whack give the dog a bone,
    why don’t city f**k off home?”

  3. Well she’s from the Netherlands and doing her degree at oxford now so I doubt it.
    I’m getting mad because you’re whining over an accent. People have accents and don’t pronounce things the same all over the world.
    So stfu and stop being a whiny little bitch? 🙂

  4. im not bothered by it at all. i do like how you get all mad about me pointing it out. Also your friend sounds retarded.

  5. Actually I have a dutch friend and she pronounces Rooney “Wuunee” and Dea gea “Dee Gya”.

    I don’t have a go at her because that’s her accent.

    If you’re so damn retarded to get bothered about an accent, then stay watching your own awful little league. 🙂

  6. I pronounce Rooney the right way so you can pronounce van Persie the right way. I dont really give a fuck but it’s actually not that hard to correctly pronounce a name. Also has nothing to do with accent because you guys are perfectly capable of saying ‘Persie’ instead of ‘Pursie’.

  7. It’s called an accent you idiot. Do you think an English person or a Chinese person will pronounce his name correctly? They aren’t dutch.
    Are you seriously that dumb to comment such a thing? o.O

  8. why do people pronounce it van pursie? lol. just say his name right you limeys.

  9. You’re very welcome to switch to United. Supporters like you aren’t wanted or needed at Arsenal. The likes of you just disgrace our great club’s name.

  10. We barely sing? In that case, it doesn’t reflect too well on your “supporters” if they were so comprehensively outsung by such “quiet” fans, does it?

    We sit down at away games? Haha, no we don’t mate, because Arsenal fans that go to away matches typically aren’t a bunch of prawn sandwich-munching, plastic cunts like most of your lot.

  11. This is as loud as the fans were the entire game? What a pathetic home support.

  12. Then for the rest of the match it was dead quiet and all you could hear was “We love you arsenal” for the entire second half. 

  13. I’m not a glory hunter, I just love RVP. I will go anywhere RVP goes to.

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