Fenerbahce and Besiktas supporters Fight Erupt

Fenerbahce and Besiktas supporters Fight Erupt

The tempers have been flying high between the supporters of Fenerbahce and Besiktas since the derby match of the two teams yesterday.

It was probably the most controversial game this season in Turkey and the entire controversy revolved around one player only which was RVP, the former Netherlands skipper.

He was the one who first displayed his outstanding acting skills to cook up a foul and make the referee issue an exit command to Dusko Tosic decreasing Besiktas by one player on the pitch.

And then shortly, the striker got indulged into an altercation with Oguzhan Ozyakup who incidentally happened to be someone he had played alongside for the Gunners and had a good equation before this.

RVP had the last laugh though after everything as he ended up delivering the only successful strike of the match and then the way he celebrated irked many of the Besiktas supporters because he went right into the face of Ozyakup who had taunted him earlier.

In the post-match interview, RVP revealed that Ozyakup made an offensive comment about his age and asked him to find a club of the veterans because he couldn’t compete among young men and that hurt his ego. So, he gave him his answer with that celebration.

Later that evening, Jelena, the better half of Tosic whose presence on the pitch was cut short by RVP’s fantastic acting, came down hard on the Dutchman on social media using the worst of the abusive words for him.

Amidst all this, Fenerbahce has decided to add fuel to the fire by putting a customized jersey up for sale which is showing RVP celebrating his winning strike in the derby.

Now after the release of such a jersey, the atmosphere which has been pretty sentimental in the last 24 hours does not seem to be going to settle any time soon.



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