24 thoughts on ““Arsenal should get rid of Van Persie as quickly as possible”

  1. Podolski is better than Van Persie, because Podolski actually scores for his national team. Just kidding. I really want to see how Van Persie is going to perform at Manchester City though. Maybe he’ll play just as bad as he does in the national team.

  2. Van Persie should have left Arsenal a long time ago. He just wasted his time there, because he barely got any trophies and he was already better than everybody else in the team, except Henry until he left.

  3. Not Giroud he isn’t world class but to be fair Podolski has like 96 or so caps for Germany he is world class he played for Köln and they went down and he still scored 18 goals but I don’t think he is as good as Van Persie I don’t think and I’m not an Arsenal supporter.

  4. Hope he goes to Italy. Seeing him with either Manchester team would be too much to bear and put him in Ade and Nasri company.

  5. I want RVP 2 go juventus for swap deal and exchange for pirlo Buffon and I know them 2 would never leave Italy coz it’s there own country and they will stay coz of there careers and I think he will go UTD coz utd do have some money for him and rvp let me tell u something u scum rvp he leaves when he wants he leaves when he wants robin van Persie he leaves when wants naaa robin ur cunt ur Cunt robin ur cunt that’s a chant fan chant

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  7. some people are saying that he played only 1 good season for AFC,is that true?
    he had 2 good seasons&1 exceptional season.
    2008/09 :Cesc & Walcott got big injuries&he was the player we counted on,he scored 20 goals &20 assists,got arsenal player of the season,he had 1year left in his contract&had so many offers,but he signed his current contract.

    2010/11:he got an injury in the first part of the season,he came back strong &scored 22goals.
    top scorer in 4 seasons,player of the season in 2.

  8. If Rvp goes to man city He will have no respect for Arsenal and 1 season and it has gone to his head and i will laugh if he has a shit season next year after this wonderful year. Rvp you have NO RESPECT FOR ARSENAL F.C

  9. van persie is a cunt. a 1 season wonder and a money hungry dick. I will hate him as much as nasri and gael clichy.

  10. Personally think he’s a bit of a bottler too when the pressure comes on. Typical Wenger player. 🙂

  11. I think if anywhere he will go Juve, I don’t think he’s one for the money that City are offering. Juve had an amazing season last season, and it would be easier for him to get into the team.

    It’s sad to see him go, but towards the end of the season he had a bit of a dry spell and at the Euro’s he was awful. Podolski and giroud are good enough to get them goals back.

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