24 thoughts on ““Arsenal away fans at old Trafford singing “she said no robin”

  1. You can thank the Chelsea fans for “She said no Robin”. One thing we can unite on we both hate United

  2. Shut up everyone,we made rvp into the best player he can be.We always stood by him even he was accused,and for him to leave the club the way he did was disgraceful .

  3. actually you’re wrong, i will cheer for rooney every day, no matter where he goes… without him united wouldn’t have won shit in the last 7 or 8 years…. he is a world class player and has given 110% for united, every match for 9 years or so… without van persie, arsenal wouldn’t have been in the top 6 in several of the last 8 years… he didn’t double his wages… he joined united to win trophies, which he did immediately, something which arsenal are not capable of, even with him carrying…

  4. He was accused of rape and afc stood by him. Well we don’t have to now, Utd do

  5. Totally wrong. We gave him 8 years of faith, turned him into the best player in the league, top 10 in the world maybe, made him captain, stood by him when he was accused of you know what, made him a millionaire and absolutely loved him. And he chose to double his wages and join a rival. Madrid aren’t a Utd rival. Will you cheer Rooney out in a Chelsea shirt when they are sitting comfortably above you in 6 months time? Doubt it very much

  6. disgraceful… that guy gives you 8 years of his career, single handed-ly taking you into the champions league… he chooses to move on to win trophies (which he does in his first year) and all of a sudden he’s public enemy number 1 ? when madrid played united, the fans cheered and applauded Ronaldo, knowing what he did for the club. they showed respect to a hero who left for another club. arsenal and their fans owe robin van persie a huge debt. it’s so disrespectful to be like that…

  7. You arsenal fans are just jealous because van persie is better than the whole arsenal team

  8. awhhh mate to right ! this was my first arsenal away game i went to … was sick . except loosing

  9. I thought u were dead, I thought u were dead!!! Robin van Presie I thought u were dead!!

  10. The feedback and subscribers just for this video is incredible. Don’t go anywhere the season is almost here. And I’ll be going him away brining you guys the best action from the stands.

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