25 thoughts on “Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa – Official Highlights and Goals | FA Cup 4th Round Proper 29-01-12

  1. Well lets say Henry was the king of Highburry and RVP is the king of Emirates!

  2. Walcott is very fast but he is not arsenal leveled player.He does not feel the rythm of the game, and could not shoot the ball as an arsenal player should have.

  3. Well this isn’t live commentary so you can’t expect them to be too excited.

  4. Excuses x4…. If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose.
    Arsenal played well to come back from 2 goals down to win, but shouldn’t have conceded two goals anyway in the first place. Come on Gooners for tomorrow against Bolton. Let’s win our first league match on 2012!

  5. the penalties were deserved it was a really nice match though and great performance from villa

  6. 2:15 song doing those lovley passe’s again and koscionley has been amazing recentley and would have scored if he wasnt taken out! THUMBS OF FOR KOSC

  7. it’s not live commentary it’s just highlighted commentary. They’re just watching it back and commentating.

  8. Ramsey would of scored if he wasn’t fouled
    It’s not arsenal fault that they got penalties
    Penalties are harder than they actually look and Walcott deserved his goal how ever lucky it may be

  9. If u think about it Ramsey probably would of scored if it wasn’t for the foul and it’s not arsenal fault that they got them plus Walcott deserved his goal however lucky it may be and again it’s not his fault that Alan Hutton kicked it at him plus penalties are harder than they actually look plus no one complains when bad decisions go against arsenal

  10. how are penalties lucky? its good play from the arse to be in attacking positions and sloppy defending to give em away. that’s just called being outclassed. later villa.

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