Robin van Persie

Robin van Persie

When we mention the words Arsenal’s striker, the only name possibly that runs in every single mind is that of Robin Van Persie.  This star football player who also plays for the Dutch National Team was born in the year 1983 on the 6th of August. Robin’s skillful techniques in shooting and dribbling have claimed him the title of a strong contender. He started off his career in Feyenoord during his days of youth and since then he has surprisingly always been prone to injuries. After he was announced as an Arsenal Player for the 2008-2009 season all the clubs that he played in and his country claimed him to be their pivotal figure.

He is the fourth Dutchman to have reached a total of 50 goals for England’s top division along with other renowned names. Robin Van Persie’s parents were artists and many had tried to encourage him to follow their footsteps and become an artist too. But Robin was destined to be a footballer and his fate lead him to join the SBV Excelsior’s youth squad. After some quality time spent in learning in the youth squad he managed to crack into Feyenoord which was his hometown club. He played three seasons for the club and then finally won the 2002 UEFA Cup.

From here on his successes had no end, he even achieved the title of the ‘Dutch Football Talent of the Year’ for the season of 2001-2002. Robin was doing well in the same club for the next two years until he a little heated argument with his coach Bert Van Marwijk which had influenced his decision to change his club and he moved on to Premier League side Arsenal in the year 2004 who offered him a big sum of money to replace Dennis Bergkamp in the long-term. This was one of the wisest decisions Robin Van Persie had made for his career.

When playing with the London club, Robin Van Persie in his first season won the FA Cup as well as the FA Community Shield. But his wins did not take a break here; he determinately moved on and won the Rotterdam Sportsman of the year award in the year 2006. He has also achieved the title of Premier League Player of the month that too twice. His next achievement was topping the goal assists leader board in the Premier League of 2008-2009 with a total of 11 assists. When playing for Netherlands, Robin has scored a total of 21 goals and he even posses over 50 caps, this as a base helped him to make his debut as a senior in the international level in the year 2005.

Robin Van Persie has participated in the FIFA World Cup twice, the first time in the year 2006 and the second time in the year 2010. He also took part in the tournament of UEFA Euro in the year 2008. Robin’s fans are never ending; in his Twitter profile there are more than 470,000 followers which is just one rank lower to the star player of Arsenal squad, Jack Wilshere.

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