24 thoughts on “Robin van Persie • Manchester United • A New Mission [HD]

  1. England are happy because they won.
    Wij nederlanders zijn blij door persie!

  2. He’s the champion now. He act better then ever by Manchester United as ever before.

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  5. amazing player,amazing team,amazing video,amazing song…….good job


    Fuck off City. Same as Arsenal. Same as Chelsea. You’ll have your moments, but United will ALWAYS be back.

  7. This season Man Utd is going to win the title for the 20th time, with RVP as #20, coincidence?

  8. I get that City and United are derby rivals but as far as history and passion from fans are concerned, the rivalry between United and Arsenal are just as big. It’s like Torres and the stick he gets from Liverpool fans, it’s natural when a player moves to a club with a passionate rivalry. But RVP handles it with class though, unlike Nasri and Cole(I love him here at Chelsea but he does get pissy) who pretty much insults their former club to no end.

  9. You can’t compare moving from United to City with moving from Arsenal to United, especially not when United are the best team in England and Arsenal might not even be in the top 4..

  10. Amazing … this the best striker in the world right now with Messi …

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