27 thoughts on “Robin van Persie • Arsenal • Compilation • NEW |HD|

  1. He is the best striker in the present world with an excellent skill and style 🙂
    Messi and RVP rox and CR7 sucks…………… 😀

  2. So uplifting!
    The Dutch seem to be very loyal to us.
    Hahaha Bergkamp & RVP – legend & going-to-be

  3. RVP isnt hurt all the time, he just takes breaks so that way he wont show up messi and ronaldo too bad. P.s. whats up with the Van Der Vaart ad at the end? Everyone knows noone cares about tottenshite!

  4. Thank you Robin Van Persie for a great season .. u have kept fit and shown ur true colours that u are 1 of the best footballers in the world .. 2games to go … but u have been outstanding … thank you from 1 gooner to another 🙂

  5. the goal against barca isnt in this movie, 1 of his best and important goals in his career

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