25 thoughts on “Arsenal 7 – 1 Blackburn ★ Robin van Persie

  1. What a beast….I hope he stays out his last year on his contract.We get a midfielder and a some defenders, were golden

  2. …beat Arsenal 4-3…and United at Old Trafford…yer, pretty weak. We gave em the biggest defeat of the whole season, something to be proud of

  3. he scored a wonderful goal against germany, the country most likely to get in the final 🙂

  4. Can you imagine it wasn’t sure if he would start in the Dutch team at the EK?

  5. I realize that he is pronouncing it the way it is said in his native language, but just not how I am used to hearing it as I watch the matches in English

  6. thanks van Persie may you be successful in the arsenal and help
    Do not go to juventus and man city
    survived the hat-trick van Persie and assists its

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